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We have been communicating the necessary steps and preventive measures to be taken using social media platforms. We have set communication channels to share information quickly. Our community workers disseminated information regarding safety and quarantine rules in the native language. Our coordinators are sharing informational videos in English and Hindi to the communities on how to wear masks, correct methods of disposing of the masks, right technique for hand washing, correct information on COVID-19, Providing information on Beds in hospital, medicines, Oxygen cylinders and refilling, how to register for COVID vaccines etc. Our community workers also made posters, pamphlets, wall-hangings and wall-paintings to dismantle fake news and provide them with the right information at this crucial time.


Food packets distribution

We provided food to migrant workers and labours as they were trying to return to hometowns and villages in other states to fight hunger due to corona virus. We also reached out to communities that were stranded back in the cities with no wages. Our frontline workers arranged for e-passes to reach out to our food packing centres. We sourced, packed and distributed food packets using a mobile food van extensively covering locations where help was sought. We maintained social distancing throughout the chain from sourcing to distribution.

Included stray animals and birds in our food distribution drive

With restaurants and eateries downing shutters and food trucks parked at homes, strays have been struggling to find food to kill their hunger. The scarcity of food and water may lead to aggressive tendencies among the strays. Ever since the lockdown, we have been feeding stray animals including monkeys and cows.


Sanitisation crowded place

In view of the corona virus crisis in India, PARAS INDIA has launched sanitisation programme in rural and urban areas to tackle the spread of COVID. Organization continues its efforts to sanitise the crowded areas, colonies and villages.