“Be the Change you want to see”
                                 - Mahatma Gandhi

                                                                                    PARAS INDIA

                                                              Providing Actions With Research And Sustainable Development

PARAS INDIA was established in 2007 with the aim to transform society by uplifting and dignifying the marginalized sections of the society. With our efforts, we aim to empower the society in line with the tenets enshrined in our Constitution. We are a national level non-governmental organization which is currently working in four states in India, namely, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Delhi-NCR. Our focus areas include education, gender, counselling, awareness generation, livelihood, healthcare and disaster management. It’s our prime endeavour to bring into mainstream those who have been historically and socially sidelined. To make them an active participant in the democratic process and bring dignity to their lives. 

Our Approach


That we all have the same rights as citizens and entitled to respect and dignity towards the pursuit of a better life.


That the way towards that better life is through education and knowledge is real power.



Self-Sufficiency (Political, Economic 

and Social) is the ultimate hallmark of the equitable democratic process.

Samarpan COVID-19
Measures Taken During The COVID-19 Pandemic

A chance to encounter with our Paras India coordinator gave her hope that all was not lost.She honed her skills by learning to stitch at our training centers (where we work for livelihood opportunities via skills enhancement like stitching, makeup artists, art and craft, food processing) .Currently, she owns a boutique shop in her locality in Delhi. 



My life after I joined Paras India is what I could never have dreamt of. I was identified by one of the field workers in PARAS India. He convinced my parents to let me stay in a girl’s hostel at Chirgaon in Uttar Pradesh. When I first came to Paras India, I was not confident; I was hesitant to communicate with anyone. 


 Uttar Pradesh

Hello! My name is Sangeeta.

It was a very crucial period in my life as I was soon going to be in class 10th. Paras India came as a ray of hope to me and conquered upon issues of water, electricity,sanitation and education.I was taught free by PARAS India due to which I successfully passed my 10th board exams.




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