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With the active support of the Chhattisgarh State Government and district administration, PARAS India became a part of the Project Udaan in December 2011. It is a residential school program for the tribal girls of Dantewada region of the state.

Dantewada has its unique set of challenges being a Naxal affected areas. There is physical dislocation of the schools due to an ongoing struggle between the naxals and the state. There has been a lack of communication due to differing languages of home and the school. The government responded to this challenge by opening residential schools which were to be run independently and act as a shelter and also school for the girls. PARAS India was selected to intervene in one such school.

We organised village rallies in the Kali,Geedam,Barsour and Vinjaam and others, for girl education and health related and gender issues. We


  •  Regular Educational sessions

  •  Library Facility for the students

  •  Special Day Celebration

  •  Science labs and science fairs

  •  Regular tests and discussions

  •  Special focus on Language, Science and Mathematics

  •  Building leadership

  •  Invited the parents and community for the various activities related to the residential school.

  •  Children regularly planted plants in the residential schools.

  •  Health camps

  •  Motivational speeches

  •  Cultural Events

  •  Extra Curricular activities

  •  Exposure Visits



We are trying to instill a more rational and scientific approach so that they may move beyond the existing superstitions and orthodoxy. Most of the tribal also believed it firmly that their children can never study, but having witnessed the swift progress of the girls in the region, they changed their perspective. Awareness therefore becomes a catalyst for the kind of fast change that the region requires.



  •  Children were taught through games, dances, drama, activities and other non conventional ways.

  •  We have been able to increase the attendance in the school which was earlier stuck at 20% to 90%.

  •  Paras also opened the first library, science lab and a fully operational computer lab in the school.

  •  Regular visits by Doctors and a full time nurse in the school made children aware of better health practices.

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