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Counselling is a crucial aspect which can shape the life of an individual. Mere education or possession of talent is not worth until it is not used in an appropriate manner. PARAS India India believes that guidance is necessary for the marginalized community in order to explore their talent and be at par with the mainstream. Counselling at PARAS India is followed in an integrated manner where personal, social and legal guidance is provided in every possible manner.


  • To provide career counselling to students approaching their higher secondary and graduation. To inform them of the various opportunities and alternatives available to them for their future. To make them aware of the diverse and specialized courses as per their interests. Also, encourage them to prepare for various competitive exams and their strategies to follow to succeed.


  • To give legal counselling to the victims of Sexual Harassment, domestic violence, property related issues, human trafficking, issues related to senior citizens etc.


  • To provide psychological support to patients suffering from deadly diseases 


  • To counsel women inmates, particularly undertrials and convicts of petty crimes, e.g. at the Tihar jail female ward, to work towards their mainstreaming and to live a prosperous life after their release from prison. 



We give various types of counselling to the people depending on their social location and needs:


  • Career counseling- Under the career counseling, we follow the group counseling method and we provide an interface between counsellor and students to interact. We conduct regular classes for the students, we have the option of online classes, distribute study material, conduct regular tests and provide facility of library. We follow Group Counselling Method for career counselling.


  • Mental health and Psychological counselling- Mental Health and poverty has direct co-relation.It has been observed that people who suffer from chronic diseases like HIV/AIDS, Cancer etc. and homeless people suffer from mental health issues.We believe in mainstreaming of these groups. We allow them to speak up about their problems to counsellors. We also work with women inmates at Tihar to give them psychological space to feel better about their lives. 


  • Legal counselling-  We organize camps for people with lawyers to discuss issues related to Environmental laws, laws against Human Trafficking, for senior citizens, against domestic violence , laws for the disabled etc.


We primarily follow the following steps:



Our first step will be group counselling, where while we do career counseling, students would be given the opportunity to interact with our counsellors. This exercise will be done to develop a comfort zone between students and counsellor.This will help the counselor to understand their psychic state and their problems. The actual process of professional counselling will be initiated where subject stream and need specific counselling to particular group or individual, depending on assessment, results will be given.



Under this, individual case studies will be assessed and analysis will be done in order to give targeted and specific counselling. We do this in case of mental and legal counseling.



For sustainability and visible results, it is necessary to have continuous progress evaluation report. All our participants regularly give us feedback for improvement.



We make arrangements for regular sessions with IAS and IPS officers, lawyers, mental health counsellors for guidance and advice to our participants.



  • Large number of students are compassionately preparing for various prestigious exams like IAS, IPS, State services and aiming to go for higher education like Masters, M.phil and PhD.

  • A considerable number of students have successfully completed their higher secondary and Graduation with flying colors.

  • Many people from the deprived sections now are well aware of the laws to their help after legal counseling by our team of lawyers.

  • Improved mental health with visible signs of contentment and positivity among the inmates after our intervention.

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