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To provide guidance and counselling, Paras India has initiated project ‘Nav Jeewan’ at Tihar Jail, Delhi in 2018. Experts from team PARAS India interact with inmates of jail and take their education, legal and psychological counselling.

Any crime which takes place has an impact for a long term. The criminal’s life is changed after committing crime and road to get back becomes difficult. Apart from the impact of crime, a person’s life is totally changed in a prison set up. Since inmates live in a very different and unique social environment, their personality is prone to transformation – both positive and negative depending on the situation. In such condition, it becomes crucial to provide them guidance in every manner so that post-release; they become a social asset and not a liability.

Keeping this in mind we organize educational classes in the prison. There are classes scheduled for education where inmates sit in a classroom set-up and study different syllabus books depending on their educational qualification. Faculty of Paras India teaches them and guides them on regular basis.

As far as legal counselling is concerned, a lawyer from the supreme court who is also part of Paras India visits jail regularly to guide the inmates about their cases as well as make them legally aware of various laws and regulation which in some or other way affects them.

The under trials and the new convicts are prone to high levels of anxiety and panic. They constantly think of their chances of going out of the jail, they repent their destiny and become mentally disturbed. Due to social consequences, they are not accepted back into their own families and get little opportunities for any livelihood. The prison which was supposed to reform the individual pushes it into further degradement. We at PARAS India provide such inmates mental counselling for their better mental health. We sit them regularly to not let them isolated, communicate with them on a daily basis, guide them for their problems and give them a ray of hope for a better and prosperous life.


  • We focus on mainstreaming of the inmates with the society after they are out of jail.


  • The total number of beneficiaries in ‘NAV JEEVAN’ amounts to more than 558 inmates. Such a huge response to the project tells us that every woman inside bars has realized the importance of education and is willing to learn if adequate opportunities are provided

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