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PARAS India endeavours to create awareness in order to bridge the gap and bring the most marginalised sections at par with the mainstream.The areas that we are covering are, Right to Information,Right to Education,Human Rights,

Women Empowerment,Environmental Awareness,Various 

Government Schemes and Special days celebrations.



PARAS India aims to develop overall personality and enable the marginalised community to shape their bright future



PARAS India believes in the importance of health and hence aims to provide quality healthcare in every possible manner. The awareness programs are conducted along with Government agencies, which included doctors from district hospitals, eminent private sector doctors and other Society partner.  

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PARAS India aim to revive Indian cultural practices by organizing art and cultural festivals by exploring and promoting the hidden talents residing in the rural and slum area to showcase their spectacular talent, unique skills, and rich culture.



Guidance plays a crucial role in developing a human personality. We at Paras believes that every person is unique and has different requirements. Hence, we focus on personal guidance and counselings in different aspects like career,  social etc. 



Gender has always been a social concern in a patriarchal society like India.Division of gender on the basis of roles, not only stratify the society but also leads to gender-based discrimination and exploitation of the female counterpart.



We encourage the visit of different organizations at national and international levels,  our donors, our partners, and like-minded individual. We also arrange exposure visits for students of our community center to provide them with an insight into the outer world. Visits provide a good platform for people to know about the working of an NGO and need for better initiatives for developing a holistic society



At PARAS, we celebrate different festivals and organise charity events with an aim to bridge the gap between privileged individuals and underprivileged individuals. Festivals, as seen in India is an epitome of culture and glory which put an end to hatred and rivalry. Charity events include providing poor people with their basic necessities such as food and cloth.

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