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Education Events 

PARAS INDIA is organizing the summer camp in all regional centers from 20th May 2022. This summer camp is mainly a fun way of learning for kids where various methods have been adopted to improve the level of learning over a period of one month of summer vacation. We are organizing activities like dance, music, yoga, poetry, art and craft, sports and E-learning activities. Students are learning various
interesting craft and craft items from waste materials. They also play games like football, badminton, cricket, chess and many others.

SRIJAN 2019… A Science Exhibition and Cultural Program (10 th  March 2019)
Srijan was a science and cultural festival organised on the outskirts of village Nari in Chirgaon block of Bundelkhand region.It was an innovative festival which combined a stellar line-up of musicians and artists with a ground-breaking program of live science experiments, expert talks, and art works.Srijan encompassed events with the central theme of “SAVE WATER” with working science models, displays and cultural events like Painting competition, Mehandi Competition, Dance competition, Musical chairs, Drama and Speech competition. The main objective of this event was to develop scientific temper in the students and to encourage their talents to disburse myths and misconceptions existing in society. Emphasize was given on the development of innovative technology for rural areas.This event was also aimed at developing self-confidence and self-esteem of tribal children. Various captivating working models were prepared on water conservation, bio-gas plant, solar energy conversion, and windmill. Many fascinating art and craft models were prepared on human digestive systems, planetary system, the human eye, and the human ear. In this program, about 1100 students from Jhansi, Lalitpur, Datia, Tikamgarh and Niwadi district participated and displayed their craft. It got a humongous response from the local public and media. The winners of individual events were honoured with prizes and
participants were given accolade for their efforts and zeal.

Empowering Nand Lal Basti


Under R Systems' Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) endeavor, PARAS India NGO spearheads the "Pahal" project. This initiative focuses on uplifting underprivileged students and women in the Nand Lal Basti community. Through enhanced education and digital literacy programs, Pahal aims to empower individuals, fostering greater opportunities and socio-economic mobility within the community.

Summer Camp
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