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Education Events 2018

Theme for 2018 summer camp was “best from waste”.Paras India has created combination camp that infuse fun and games with exciting dance and music and enriching classroom activities to provide campers with fun and engaging productive learning.These new camp selections were designed with camper’s ideal educational experience in mind.It was a two week camp consisting of various indoor and outdoor activities.They got an opportunity to explore almost all the fields.The activities included dance,music,yoga,pottery,art,craft,sports and E-learning activities.Students prepared various interesting craft material from waste and decorative articles.They played sports activities like badminton, cricket, chess and many others. It ended with distribution of prizes and refreshment among students.


With the help of district administration, we have been able to incorporate in the area, the temper of science through teaching various science subjects in the targeted area. A drastic change has been observed in the students as well as their families towards their attitude towards education, specifically scientific aspects. Along with teaching them through books, we provide them science education through various means like animated videos, interactive session, visits to science park, etc. 

PARAS organise a science fair in the area every year where an exhibition of various models prepared by students takes place along with the demonstration of the various scientific phenomenon to make the population aware of the various scientific phenomenon to make the population aware of various scientific facts. Every year this science fair is visited by dignitaries like IAS and IPS officers along with various MLAs and MP to boost the confidence of students.

Summer camp 2018
Science fair 2016
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