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The project is about raising awareness by various means about the disasters and its risk prevention and mitigation strategies. The project has been active since 2012 in the capital city of Delhi.


Delhi is situated on one of the very sensitive areas geographically; hence, it becomes necessary to take into consideration the natural and man-made disasters for a healthy living.


Disaster cannot be totally prevented but their impact on society can be reduced. Hence, apart from social development, we at Paras India aim to create awareness and impart knowledge about precautions and safety measures in context of natural calamity or pollution.


Project ‘Suraksha’ deals with various activities like awareness campaign, nukkad nataks, interactive sessions, training sessions, conduct mock drills etc. in order to curb ill effects of disaster, we give awareness by the above means on Earthquakes, Urban Flooding and Fire. Measures to curb pollution are also implemented in various areas of Delhi with support of government and its community. We organize the entire event in collaboration with the DDMA and the support of Delhi government.

We raise awareness on Disaster prevention awareness and explain the participants on the ways to identify the vulnerabilities in their buildings, houses, neighborhood etc. 


As a result, number of people using the emergency disaster service have increased manifold.


As many as 68,091 people have been participants in Disaster Management Awareness Drive.

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