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Paras India organised science and cultural festival – Antaragini on 25 and 26 January 2017 in slum area of Nand lal basti, Gopal pur village, New Delhi. This festival was organised in association with SAIL and VISIONIAS. The event was organised diligently and was a huge success.

Through ‘Antaragini’, Paras India was able to create awareness among the target area about importance of Science and rational thinking. Also with different cultural and sports program, hidden talents were identified.

Models based on science concepts were displayed by children of slum area. Various activities like regional dance, traditional songs, plays, etc. held under cultural program. Along with science models and cultural activities, various competitions like quiz, debate, speech, drama, sports etc. took place. Enthusiasm was seen in both the children and community.

Team of Paras India thanks SAIL for their support as without its support, it was not possible to conduct an event at such a large level successfully.

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