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To celebrate the regional diversity and revive traditional cultural practices, Paras India organised a cultural festival – TARANG- a cultural festival on 2,3,4 December 2017 1 pm onwards at RDGVS campus, Munna Purva, Kanpur Dehat, U.P. The festival was commemorated by Rajni Devi Global school, local community, regional artists and family of Paras India.

Through this event, we aimed to revive Indian cultural practices by exploring and promoting the hidden talents which resides in rural India who do not get a platform or any opportunity to show their talents. In addition, we wanted to change perspective about traditional cultural practices being regressive or backward looking. Paras India also used the platform of Tarang to create awareness about social issues like gender parity, gender stereotypes. Issues like role of education, patriarchy were also incorporated through various cultural activity.

Tarang Sanskritik Utsav 2017, is a small initiative to preserve, promote and explore the folk practices which are at brim of extinction. We believe that such practices, needs support and recognition. Through this festival, we have attempted to fulfil our aim of conservation of folk practices.

We hope that our effort will result in reviving folk practices and changing mind sets of people and not believing folk practices as backward.

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