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PARAS India in association with Usha International Limited is running 28 Silai schools in slum areas of Delhi NCR since 2017. It is a community based initiative with the aim of skilling rural and deprived women and empowering them to become entrepreneurs. Women are taught stitching and sewing skills to help them earn a livelihood in their respective communities.

To provide livelihood opportunities to women to let women work and accomplish, we follow the following steps-

  •  ​We conduct a survey for potential candidates in the communities, identify them and explain them about the entire project.

  •  Provide infrastructure facilities and provide them USHA sewing machines in collaboration with USHA. These women are also given a training module to follow and a display board of Usha to be put in front of thir working spaces. They are encouraged to teach other community women in the art of sewing.

  • Extensively train women with the help of professional instructors. The training is for more than seventy hours completed in 7 days.

  • We follow the Classical Silai Schools model where women from the rural and deprived communities are trained in sewing, tailoring and repairing machines.

  • We regularly monitor the women and support them in completing the module on time.

  • We also enourage women to open Satellite Silai schools where the experts who had earlier completed the module on time, now open their own schools under their name and banner of USHA. These women train other women from their community to learn and earn from their skills.

  •  Provide them with certificates undersigned by Usha International private limited after successful completion of the program.

  •  We enable them to be self-sufficient economically by the help of their skills and certificates they received. These women are then absorbed in the market in Textiles and Garments industry.

With such silai schools, these women would be empowered socially and economically. These women would then either be self-employed or placed with other entrepreneurs.



  • We had started with 10 schools initially and have reached to 28 at present with 28 independent women running their Silai schools employing multiple other women. These schools have a way to every household where women feel empowered and have the zeal to face the world.

  • With a total of 28 Silai schools running, more than 560 women have been benefited by this venture.

  • Women have become active contributor in running households and their income counts. Their voice too counts.

  • Women are able to fund for the education of their children independently.

  • Successful examples of women working with us had initiated with a single Silai machine and have expanded their scope of work to   become a self- employed entrepreneur.


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