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PARAS INDIA in partnership with R SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, has set up Thirty five Silai (sewing) Schools in Delhi slums.It is a community based initiative with the aim of empowering poor women to become entrepreneurs through sewing and setting up sewing schools. The program in collaboration with the prestigious organization of R SYSTEMS helps in empowering women by equipping them to generate incomes by creating opportunities for self-employment, developing their self-confidence, leadership skills and helping them earn appreciation and respect in their close knit social sphere. Women are given sewing and embroidery instruction through PARAS INDIA's partnership with R SYSTEMS so they can support themselves in their communities. The initiative, which is the brainchild of PARAS INDIA and joined by R SYSTEMS, seeks out potential enterprising women, helps to establish schools, and encourages other women to enroll in these schools where they receive free sewing machine training and are trained in sewing. These women then train and mentor other women, creating a network of independent and enterprising women. Additionally, these silai schools give these women a symbol of identification and dignity.



  • To train and empower women residing in Delhi slums, and mitigate poverty through sewing-based skill development and enterprise promotion.


  • Silai School is a community based initiative with the aim of empowering women to become entrepreneurs and teach sewing and stitching within the precincts of their homes.

  • Mainstreaming Gender in Participatory Development for women empowerment.

  • Provide training to the selected women for seven days by a very experienced and skillfultrainer. Helping them to improve and hone up their tailoring and stitching skills so that they develop confidence to train and teach other women.

  • To provide them sewing machine, a syllabus and a Silai School signage and encouraged them to teach other community women the art of stitching and sewing.

  • Encourage them to start their own school and enroll the students for basic, refresher and advanced course and develop the self confidence by becoming financial independent.

  • Imparting skills in women and creating livelihood opportunities for them.Transforming their financial dependency into social emancipation and thus ending vicious cycles of poverty.


With the assistance of R Systems' ongoing partnership, post-program feedback revealed that these women had undergone a significant social transition, particularly in terms of their position, respect, and financial independence.  Thanks to R Systems, the programme has given these women new skills and confidence. More slum dwellers are now visiting Silai School to learn more about the benefits of the sewing training programme.
The programme makes an effort to support women's empowerment by giving them economic opportunities and fostering their independence. In collaboration with R SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, PARAS INDIA has made significant progress towards empowering women in Delhi's slum neighbourhoods by establishing Silai Schools there. As our former Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi has rightly said-


“To be Liberated, Women must feel free to herself, Not in rivalry to man but in context of her own capacity and her personality”


Following the same connotation, PARAS INDIA has worked towards achieving the objectives of women empowerment. We have successfully completed the Silai school project and have empowered a number of women and made women the soldiers of change.

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