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This project of Paras India reflects education beyond boundaries. We believe that education should be imparted in every form which is possible. Under E-Shishya project, Paras acts as a bridge between well educated Indians settled in abroad and intends to teach those who deserve to get the education but due to socio-economic constraints, not able to do so.

E-Shishya is a book reading program where children of slum areas get an opportunity to interact online with alumni of IIT, IIM, DU, JNU, BITS, and HBTI etc. and learn English reading. Indians from all over the world (the U.S.A, Germany etc.) interact with children of slum areas with the help of online platform to teach and strengthen their English with English book reading activity. Each student is allotted a mentor and time is fixed for online interaction. Both student and mentor have the same book at their respective end and they communicate online.

The total beneficiaries of this project are more than 102 girls. This project not only provides English Literacy but also conducts awareness of different constructive topics which are necessary for girls to know. This ambitious project is running in the slum areas of Delhi and tribal areas of Bundelkhand

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