Other Events 2019

Distribution of Certificates of Silai School Learner among the women in Delhi

Recently on the completion of the training program of a batch of women at the Nand Lal Basti and Gopalpur village, North Delhi, PARAS INDIA distributed certificates of successful completion of the training to the women on the 15th of February, 2020.  These silai schools bring a mark of identity and dignity to these women. All these schools are skilling women and providing them better opportunities of livelihood in their locality. All these schools aim at skilling women and thereby break the cycle of poverty.     

PARAS INDIA in association with Usha International Limited is running 28 Silai schools in slum areas of Delhi NCR since 2017. More than 560 women have benefited from this venture. It is a community based program where PARAS INDIA has in association with USHA has identified, set up and motivated women to join Silai Schools.



Carrying forward the tradition to take the basic necessities of clothing to the poor and needy, PARAS INDIA distributed old clothes in Delhi. We collect all kinds of summer and winter clothes for children and adults at our collection centre. We organised camps and distributed those clothes. We made sure that the clothes were untorn and clean. It was our attempt to cover slum dwellers from the community we work in, the homeless and the elderly. These clothes, as basic as they may sound, have helped people survive the cold/heat waves on the roads. The homeless and the destitute already have a life filled with struggle, they are unable to meet their hunger and financial needs. The severe weather add to their woes and make it hard for them to survive. A small gesture of our supporters will be a boon for poverty stricken, deprived people to stay happy during the cruel summer / winter season.



PARAS INDIA community members celebrated New Year 2020 with a breath of fresh air. Leaving behind oneself the old chapters that were filled with pages of worries and beginning the New Year with happiness, cheer and smiles. New Year 2020 was celebrated in a unique way by the students of PARAS INDIA by cutting cake and cheering together. Organization's team members and community members were all present encouraging the students on this occasion. Children made greeting cards using crayons, decorated the community centres with balloons and ribbons. Children took new year resolutions like studying better this year, of cleanliness, developing new hobbies, of fraternity and being supportive of each other. It was a fun filled atmosphere full of positive vibes.


Many parts of the country experience extreme cold during winters which makes it difficult for poor children and elderly to survive. People live in these areas in extreme poverty, and consequently they have no possibility to afford basic needs, such as shelter, education, healthcare and food. We largely target the old age person, disabled, women and children as they are the most vulnerable in the winter cold. As the winter chill turns harsh with each passing day, PARAS INDIA is spreading warmth among the less privileged people of the society by carrying on blanket distribution drive. The objective of the initiative is to provide a shield to the less privileged from the winter. PARAS INDIA annually distributes warm clothes and blankets to the needy and homeless people. In the Bundelkhand area of North India and NCR Delhi, PARAS distributed blankets to the homeless people who have taken shelter around the Yamuna Ghats, near temples, on the footpaths and inside the parks. We covered the areas nearby Kashmiri Gate, Majnu ka Tila, Old Delhi Railway station and Jhandewalan in Delhi. As part of the charitable activity, we encourage interested people to come forward and donate towards making such camps possible and successful.