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LEGAL WORKSHOP (13th August 2017)

Paras India in association with Eunomia law firm organised a legal workshop with an aim to provide legal counselling and legal awareness in Gopalpur village, New Delhi. Topics like slum dwellers act, sexual harassment, women rights, domestic violence etc. were discussed. People of community specially women discussed their problems, their pending cases. Team Eunomia was successfully able to guide the community with their expertise. We hope to provide legal workshops in such communities on a regular basis so that they are deprived of their legal rights due to lack of awareness.

YOGA DAY (21st June 2017)

In order to create health awareness, Paras has initiated the celebration of International yoga Day among its students and society. On 21st June, members of Paras performs various yogasans on a large scale and teach the society about yoga and its benefits about health.

SWACHH BHARAT MISSION (2nd October 2014)

To promote Swachh Bharat Mission, campaigns are initiated in various areas like creating awareness, setting examples for cleaning India by sweeping etc.


With increasing crimes and safety issues for women. It has now become a dire need to train women and girls and make them strong enough to protect themselves. Taking this into consideration, Paras has a separate program for self-defence training. Girls and women are taught various techniques for self-defence like judo karate, taekwando etc.

AAGAAZ (22nd March 2014)

Paras participated in an event ‘AAGAAZ’ organised by Delhi District Administration. Children associated with our NGO,got opportunities to show their talent in a public platform. Our representatives presented activities like Nukkad Natak, Dance etc.