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Education is the ornament of child. It is the greatest leveller that helps people transcend their social inequalities. Getting a good education gives one Equality of Opportunity in the real sense. The aim of Right to Education acts as an enabling right, i.e., it functions as the voice through which various other rights can be claimed.


At the all-India level, about 15 million children in the relevant age group are out of school.  Both social composition and regional concentration of out-of-school (OSC) children leave these children with uncertain futures. PARAS India, when visited the Nand Lal Basti, Gopalpur village, North Delhi, for the first time, during its inception in 2009, found that not even a single woman in the urban slums were graduates. The reason being that prior to the completion of school education, the young girls were dropping out of the school. 


PARAS India took into its shoulder the responsibility to bring change in the community via its project PAHAL. It aims to reach those deprived children in the urban slums of Delhi in a holistic manner. The program includes:

  • Preschool kids(3-6 yrs)

  • Non Formal Education (6-14 yrs drop outs)

  • Remedial Education (6-14 yrs school going)

  • Adult Education (for non school going,no age limit)

  • Out-of-school children(6-14 yrs)

  • Competitive Exams Preparation (18 yr and more)


To fulfill its objective PARAS India has the following approaches while implementing the program:-  Conducting regular classes, Computer Literacy, Digital Literacy, Extra-curricular activities, Kishori Group Meetings, Library facility, Book-Reading Activity, Exposure Visits, Parents-Teachers Meeting, Special Day Celebrations, Screening of Inspirational movies etc.




  1. Mainstreaming of students in the school who earlier were not enrolled in the school.

  2. Improvement in the decision making skills of children

  3. Reduction in the Drop out rates

  4. Awareness among parents has increased manifold as they want their kids to enroll for higher studies

  5. Increased participation of Girls and women in social activities

  6. Higher level of self confidence can be seen in the students

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