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If we look at the evolution of school science in India, we see a clear trend of including more and more content — overwhelmingly in the form of factual information — in the syllabus. Laboratories have declined, and even demonstrations, once common, are now confined to elite schools. Thus the factual information that dominates the syllabi is not supported by any kind of activity, which can make it plausible or even comprehensible. Students therefore have no option but to memorise the facts. The consequence of this is that students find science not only difficult but also boring. As a result, students don’t want to opt for science at the Class XI level.

Understanding the importance and utility of science education, through our project ‘VIGYAN EXPRESS’ we aim to develop scientific temper and rational approach in rural India by creating awareness about rationality and ill effects of superstition with the help of mobile van.A mobile van named ‘vigyan express’ facilitated with science models, audio video system, a science teacher is functioning in Sukma, Dantewada region. This van travels village to village and in various schools to develop scientific approach. Science teacher of van interacts with the target population, make them learn illogical aspect of various superstition, conducts experiments , make doubts clear through interactive sessions and gives a clear understanding of various scientific concept through audio visual method.

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