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Keeping in mind the advantage of demographic dividend in our country, Paras India is working with slums of Delhi since 2014 in order to provide them vocational training in variety of skills. In the community centres of Paras, there are facilities for computer training, beauty parlor, sewing, embroidery etc. Professional teachers are appointed and systematic schedule is followed for various classes in different vocations.


  • We conduct a survey for potential candidates in the communities, identify them and explain them about the entire project.

  • Provide infrastructure facilities and sewing machines.

  • Train women with the help of professional instructors.

  • Provide them with certificates of successfully completing the program.

  • We enable them to be self-sufficient economically by the help of their skills and certificates they received.


India is in a phase where most of its population is young and for sustainable development it is crucial to tap the potential of young India by making them self- reliable and train them in a manner that they become an asset to development of nation.

In addition,counselling and mentors are provided to target population,especially for girls. Our aim through this project is to make our target group capable or 'Saksham' and to empower them through various skills.

  • We have provided women with certificates and made them capable to enter the job market.

  • We have enabled women to be emancipated by skill enhancement program and simultaneously provided language enhancement programs.

  • Women have been able to make decisions for their as well as regarding the future of their kids.

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