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We are all aware of survival issues in Bundelkhand region since. The paucity of basic amenities like water results in serious issues on its population. Due to such conditions, people in Bundelkhand are economically backward. In order to develop overall area, enhancement of society in economic terms is crucial.


  • We conduct a survey for potential candidates in the communities, identify them and explain them about the entire project.

  • Provide infrastructure facilities like give them space to work, provide them sewing machines.

  • Train women with the help of professional instructors.

  • Provide them with certificates of successfully completing the program.

  • We enable them to be self-sufficient economically by the help of their skills and certificates they received.

With this approach, Paras India has initiated a program ‘PARIVARTAN’ to create livelihood options in overall Bundelkhand area. This project has been in operation since 2010. Parivartan aims to provide livelihood opportunities through models like self-help groups, training program, orientation, career counselling, awareness campaigns etc.

Our team visits various villages in the region and creates awareness in context of various livelihood opportunities and government schemes which they can avail for their economic development. Our aim through ‘parivartan’ is to change standard of living in marginalised section of bundelkhand area and bring them at par with the mainstream.

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