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It is an initiative by PARAS India team to develop scientific temper among young generation aiming to transform and broadening their perspective. Through this project, we attempt to promote science education in government schools of Sukma, Chhattisgarh since 2015.  


Jigyasa, an ambitious project of PARAS, aims to make society aware of the importance of scientific literacy. A science based approach is now followed while teaching in schools by developing science laboratories etc. A science city has been developed with the help of district administration. Also, science fairs are also conducted on a regular basis to develop interest in scientific aspects. Our team Paras India is initiating the step to promote science education in Government schools of Sukma. The administrative authority of the district, the district educational officer, the district project co-coordinator, the block level officers and other dignitaries were met, they gave valuable suggestions, briefed more about the scenario and extended every possible support.

Our team visits government schools, interact with teachers, students, various scientific phenomena are explained with charts, diagrams and interesting activities. Especially, it is taken care of that every student gets a chance to interact, their all-round development is focused well with the help of science experiments in day-to-day schedule. Interesting activities are taken like self-introduction along with Yoga is conducted in the morning. The most important thing, discipline in every activity is focussed. Bal-sabha is one of the important activities which is carried out here. It includes poems, songs, word-building, situation reaction conditions, story-telling, elocution, extempore, darpan, just-a-minute, group activities like group dance, tableau, drama.

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