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As the name suggests, Chetna is a project by PARAS India to generate awareness among the vulnerable sections of the society. It is our aim to cover legal,social and political aspects while we create a dialogue about these important yet ignored areas in the communities. 

A government’s area of interest is to create services for its people. But, what if these services remain unknown and invisible to a large section of the society, who needs it the most? The exchequer is at a loss, since the majority of the funds allocated to a particular program remain unutilized.

This makes it indispensable to have a discourse about the policies, their legal and social aspects and about its critical knowledge too. 


Therefore, PARAS India has from time to time organized camps in Delhi, UP and MP to generate awareness since 2009.


We have organised camps on:

  • Environmental Awareness- 

Rallies were conducted by PARAS India on the environment day. People were told the harmful use of Plastics, they were suggested to use alternative like Jute bags instead, use steel tiffins rather than plastic. The importance of plantation of trees was explained to them and its benefits on their health were also told. We have also covered issues like Urban Flooding, Water Scarcity, Sanitation and Hand Wash

  • Social Awareness-

Tribal Day, on the 9th of August, PARAS India celebrated the World’s Tribal Day in the district of Jhansi. The aim was to instil the tribes with self-confidence and their importance in preserving our Mother Nature. 

Camps have also been conducted for generating consciousness around Swacch Bharat Abhiyan,  Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao,Child Marriage, Child Abuse, Female Feoticide, Nutrition, Disability, Good Touch Bad Touch, Gender Awareness, Dowry System, Yoga, Water, SHG, Road safety and Mensturation. 

  • Legal Awareness 


International Women’s Day- On the 8th of March, we celebrated Women's Day at the slums of the capital city of Delhi, to recognise the contribution of women in making the world a better place to live. “Ignorance of law of the land is not excusable”, therefore,we utilised this day to generate legal awareness among the womenfolk.

 It has been observed that crime against women is a major area of concern for our developing nation. To assume that the country would develop when its mothers and daughters are not safe is absurd. There is an immediate need to eradicate this menace. In this regard, creating awareness, increasing literacy rate,conducting counselling sessions, etc. are some of the major areas of thrust.

  • Political Awareness


The awareness drive of PARAS India has been implemented in areas of voting awareness facilitated by the Delhi Election Commission. Other areas include Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties, RTI and the Right to Education.


  • Government Schemes is spread by medium of public lectures on various schemes like Jan Dhan Yojana,Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana,Jan Aarogya Scheme, Ladli Laxmi Yojana, Atal Pension Yojana etc.


  •  Increase in active participation of the communities in social life as aware citizens by our various programs.

  • People now understand the value of their Right to Vote and various other fundamental Rights. The Right to constitutional remedies, known as the heart and soul of the constitution, has become a known right in the communities now.

  • The target groups including women and children have a sense of contentment that issues of domestic violence and the importance of Girl education has not been neglected.

  • People are aware about various government schemes on health, health insurances,and fund for cancer patients for poor families and generic medicines available for them.


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