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Under this project, we have focused majorly on skills developments and vocational training of women in Nari areas of Jhansi.

Women are facilitated with centre and proper infrastructural facility like machines etc. to prepare commercial items like Donas(Plates Made From Dry Leaves).

The project have the following characteristics – emphases on social issues, social mobilization, participatory management, transparent project monitoring, and a strong sense of ownership by the local community.

​With started with awareness campaigns with an aim of breaking gender stereotypes and bring back the confidence of women. Interactive sessions were held and gradually self-help groups were formed. Various activities like training sessions along with marketing skills were undertaken in an organized manner.

​When women were confident to take a step further, installation of machines along with other infrastructural facilities took place. With passage of time and facilities provided, they were able to make Donas and other essential items.


With increasing production and developed skill among women we have commercialized these products. 

Women in Nari are economically independent and more confident in decision making process. The chains of patriarchal society and gender stereotype seem to be loosening in the area.

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