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Mission and vision | Parasindia


PARAS INDIA is on everlasting mission to create leaders from communities that not only bring a holistic change in their own surrounding but also become role-models for others around, to transform from rags to riches and disseminate knowledge as an accelerator towards change, to involve the young and dynamic individuals with a passion for changing the socio-economic and cultural iniquities in our country and so on. Working in partnerships, theme-based staff development and customized methodologies along with innovative tools to achieve our mission, we try our best to sustain our efforts with a long-term commitment towards an integrated development approach.


PARAS INDIA’s vision is to stand with social justice. We aim at to be an active part of nation building by being co-creators and change actors, who envisions a nation where the marginalized have equal share of choices and opportunities and inequities of all shades do not become an impediment for an individual to realize his/her true potential and dreams.

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