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Samarpan COVID-19


Measures taken during the COVID-19 pandemic


Today the world is facing a unique crisis for which it has not prepared itself. In the middle of a pandemic, the most valuable thing that we can do in our capacity is spreading the right kind of information around us. The digital age has brought its own kind of challenges. The state authorities have the added burden of tackling the rumours and false information that has been doing rounds related to the Corona Virus. Therefore, at PARAS INDIA we are helping spread the right information in consonance with the guidelines of WHO. We have put up charts and posters around the neighbourhood informing people to follow safety precautions and follow social distancing. We have also been advising people to regularly wash hands with soap. We have also distributed masks, sanitizers and sanitary napkins across the communities.

It has also been reported that as schools have switched to online classes, students from weaker sections are getting cut off from learning and growth. Therefore, we have started a project especially designed for students from the slum areas. The project, “The Why Why Kids” is an English Communication program that connects students with experts through an online medium. PARAS believes that learning must never stop. Therefore, we have adapted approaches suitable given the current circumstances. The details are as-

1. Food Distribution Programme- The Corona Virus pandemic has seen large scale reverse migration of the seasonal workers. The construction workers who build the metropolitan and the highways are leaving them. They have no wages, no food to survive. In order to help them, PARAS along with the district authorities is distributing food packets across Delhi everyday to the homeless, to the migrant workers who feel stuck here. Our drive is to make them feel comforted, safe and give them a reason to survive the toughest days. We are at an unprecedented moment in history, one that is calling on us to revive the spirit of fraternity. For every possible help that we provide to the most vulnerable, we need your assistance too. To donate click here

2. PARAS women helping fight the Corona Virus


       “When girls are educated their countries become stronger”


The girls and women at PARAS have shown how much it benefits to give skills in the hand of every woman. During the crisis of COVID-19, women associated with PARAS who were provided silai machines and trained in sewing in the PARAS SILAI Kendra are helping the Corona Warriors and their families remain safe. These women have been stitching masks on their own, as per the guidelines of the WHO.

3. Distribution of masks, sanitizers and sanitary pads for women

The masks are distributed among the neighbourhood, among the homeless, migrants and daily wage earners, to the sanitary workers and across the slums and tribal populations. We have sourced and distributed sanitary napkins to the women, masks and sanitizers among the communities. To donate for our initiative, click here.

4. "LEAD (Learn English Accomplish Dreams)" - An English Communicative Program at PARAS during COVID-19 Lockdown


We know things are changing due to the pandemic of CoronaVirus in the current times. We have  adapted to the changing circumstances and evolved our learning methods accordingly. We are connecting the children/learner with interested qualified/ skilled individuals/Mentor/volunteers via digital means (laptops, phones, whats app video/voice call, etc.) to understand the learner’s aptitude so as to improve his/her Communication skills in English Language.

Considering every learner as a kid howsoever he/she is aged, we aim to help them to improve their English Communication skills from the start. Here, we are focusing on first level, i.e. Basics/Fundamentals under the “The Why Why Kids Program” that is part of our inclusive “Communicative English” program. It’s a 20 Hours program divided into five modules. We have provided these volunteers a curriculum to follow. Simultaneously, we are regularly taking their feedback for  evaluation and assessment of their learners’ performance and to improve the program.


To join as a volunteer, click here:


To donate for a child’s better future prospects, click here.

5. Enabling education continuity through online teaching at PARAS centres

The COVID-19 outbreak has slowed down or even halted essential national activities, both economic and social and even schooling. However, thanks to technology, innovative ways are seeing light especially when it comes to teaching, in order to make sure that students can keep on learning while in quarantine or out of school. As classes are gradually shifting to the online medium during the lockdown, PARAS is devising strategies to adapt to these changes. 


To allow children to keep up with the national classroom curriculum, the teachers and coordinators are putting in extra efforts to build course content according to the knowledge level of all the students associated with PARAS. The teachers are in regular contact with the students and guiding them in their studies. Subjects like English and Science are focussed upon. 


Online teaching is a great alternative to provide minimum service to students who are currently quarantined due to COVID-19. Students who do not have smartphones and internet facilities are being mentored over normal voice calls. The organization is also stressing upon the need for capacity building to help the teachers in this new setup.