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Under the project Uday, we have focused majorly on skills development and vocational training of women. In Mirona areas of Jhansi, since 2010, women are facilitated with a community centre and a proper infrastructural facilities, machines and tools to prepare commercial items called Dona (plates made from dry leaves). 

The project requires collective consensus and active participation of the beneficiaries. It builds social capital for the people associated with it. The project have the following characteristics – emphases on social issues, social mobilization, participatory management, transparent project monitoring, and a strong sense of ownership by the local community.

We started with campaign with the aim of breaking gender stereotypes and bring back the confidence within women. Interactive sessions were held and gradually self- help groups were formed. Various activities like training sessions, skills development and vocational training sessions along with marketing skills were undertaken in an organised manner. When women were confident to move further, installation of machines along with other infrastructural facilities were provided. With passage of time, they were able to make Donas and other essential items.



With increasing production and skill among women, we have commercialized these products. These products are now open for sale. Women in Mirona are economically independent and more confident in decision making process after the success of the project. 

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